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My name is Clark Moody, and this is my website.

First of all, I love Jesus, and I want you to know him. He has changed my life forever, and His love has the power to change you.

I am co-founder and Director of Engineering at The Picks & Shovels Co., and we're building portfolio management tools for crypto asset institutional investors.

I founded the successful Bitcoin company, RTBTC, which was acquired by Blockchain in early 2014 and became the ZeroBlock trading platform. I was Lead Developer of ZeroBlock at Blockchain, the company behind the most popular Bitcoin wallet.

As a huge proponent of liberty, I believe that cryptographic technologies have the potential to bring economic, political, and religious freedom to billions around the world. Distributed systems such as Bitcoin are leading the way. You will find my PGP public key in the Contact section.

I studied Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, earning B.S. and M.S. degrees. The LASR Laboratory was my home base during the course of my graduate studies, where I gained expertise in space robotic sensing and control.

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